Thursday, August 2, 2012

Seamus In Africa

hi i am in africa it is so fun i saw lots of cool animals today i am going to are 2 safari loge i am really exited!!!

We saw  a lot of hippos they are really cool. A hippo stuck his head out of the water and yawned. If you put your
arms out on both sids thats how big it was! We also went in the water with GRATE WHITE SHARKS!!!!!!!!

(In a cage).We went to a beach and the were monkeys everywhere and we saw a ape called the gibbon it was white and you could get 3 inches away from it. I got to close and it hit me on the head. At another hotel there were bunnies horses pigs chickens chicks ducks and geese. We got to ride a horses it was really fun. Africa has been a great adventure. the first loge are guide was awesome he was really fun and nice. afica was the best pals yet…..Seamus…..:)

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